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Financial services came next, at 45 percent, transportation and utilities, 43 percent, information technology, 40 percent, and health care, 38 percent.Another question: did what someone does for a living influence whether you would date that person? Only 5 percent said they broke up with someone because of their job.Having a healthy employee dating policy in place to provide a framework for acceptable behavior and to protect the company (and its workforce) against problems is vital, and this policy should form part of your company culture and be understood by everyone on your team.While most companies might prefer that their employees don't date each other in order to avoid problems in the workplace and the potential risk of things turning nasty if the relationship breaks down, blanket bans on dating colleagues rarely serve any meaningful purpose other than to encourage couples to keep things under the radar if they do find love in the office.If you’re open to dating a coworker or are already passed the point of no return, at least be cautious and follow the rules: This is all great food for thought, but at the end of the day…”the heart wants what it wants”, right? The truth is that you’re likely going to have a relationship with who you want to regardless of the rules…so if it’s going to be with someone at work, it’s always good to know what you’re getting yourself into!Follow us on social media: Linda Le Phan is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at kununu US, a place where job seekers can get an authentic view of life at a company and where employers have a trusted platform to better engage talent.However, having an employee fraternization policy in place within your company or organization can help to provide clarity, guidance, and boundaries for interoffice dating among colleagues, plus it can ensure that relationships don't have a negative impact on the participants themselves, their other colleagues, or the company as a whole.

Entry-level employees: shield your eyes.19% of people have done it on the job17% of employees confess to being caught doing it on the job Which means...

The survey also ran tallies for different industries.

Hospitality had the most people who said they had dated a colleague, at 45 percent.

Last year, it found that 59 percent of respondents had dated a colleague at least once during their career.

(Vault didn’t run its survey this year.) I am probably biased toward the higher number, since I met my own husband at work.

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