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(Hate to say it, but if you’re a guy, a woman will probably be more open to talking to you if you’re accompanied by a friend.)If you don’t have a friend to accompany you to a nudie place, (because duh, that’s why you’re going there to begin with), try looking for an excuse to start a conversation with others – you can ask someone to take your picture (without getting others in the background of course), or see if they’re a regular there and ask them a few questions about the area.If conversation is strained or they clearly want to be left alone, it’s best to politely end the conversation and move on. Read our guide on social etiquette and how not to be creepy in a nudist setting.– If you’re into yoga, then check out your local naked yoga classes.Many times nude yoga instructors will host classes in a local studio and not at a nearby nudist club.

If you haven’t already, see if there are any alternative places nearby for a nudie to visit besides a club / resort.

It has both textile and nude swimming areas, so look for the ones specifically noted to have a skinny dipping tradition.

Keep in mind that the people who frequent these places don’t necessarily call themselves naturists.

Being with a friend can make the experience more relaxing and fun.

It may give you more confidence and even give you more legitimacy in terms of how others see you.

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