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I had hoped this attitude was dying out until I saw the lovely Vogue Williams’s recent appearance on Loose Women where she said that she and an ex had sex on the first night they met.

Vogue, please let me know where you found the time machine that transported you back to 1954.

A United Nations committee said Northern Ireland’s abortion laws created “grave and systematic violations of rights.”The Democratic Unionist Party protested the changes backed by lawmakers on Tuesday.

The party’s leader in Parliament, Nigel Dodds, said the lawmakers would “drive a coach and horses” through the idea that Northern Ireland’s regional government was responsible for handling those issues locally.

(It’s supposedly feminism that depicts men in a disparaging manner.) Any man who decides he has lost respect for you because you had sex with him ‘too soon’ is a) an idiot. You heard it here first, folks — having sex on the first date is nature’s way of weeding out assholes with a deeply engrained Madonna/whore complex.

Be right back, must go write a dating manual that is actually realistic in 2016. I ended up dating some of the men, it became all too obvious with others that the chemistry was severely lacking and I would rather have sawn off my own arm than have to see them again, (no, I’ll phone you!

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