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I honestly don’t recall a lot of the interviews with Neil.

I don’t actually recall that story in the book beyond reading it.

"I have four amazing children and it's been the greatest thing that's ever happened in my life," the star said. I try to show them what I've learned." "No matter what happens in my kids' lives, I'll be there for them.

My family means everything to me and I will do anything for them," he added.

“I don’t actually recall that story in the book beyond reading it,” Sixx tells .

“I have no clue why it’s in there other than I was outta my head and it’s possibly greatly embellished or [I] made it up. I am sorry.” In The Dirt, written by the group with author Neil Strauss, Sixx recollects a night where a woman he knew pulled him into a small room at a party and the two began having sex.

In November 2018, Nikki Sixx made a statement about Mötley Cüre’s upcoming songs, and said that four new songs have been completed.

Can’t stop listening to the new @Motley Crue songs.⚡️Been awhile since me and the boys made some balls to the wall rock n roll together.

Sixx wrote that band’s new song will be available next friday, March 15th.

Sixx continued, “I went into rehab in 2001 and really wish I would’ve done my interviews after I was clean and sober like I am today… What I can tell you is that we all lived to regret a lot and learned from it.

We own up to all our behavior that hurt our selves, our families, friends and any innocents around us.” The Dirt was published in 2001 and will serve as the basis for an upcoming biopic of the same name, premiering March 22nd on Netflix.

Soon after, Sixx left the room, returned with bandmate Tommy Lee and tricked the woman as to who she was having sex with. When I tell you, start fucking her.'” “In the closet, I stood directly behind Tommy,” he continued.

“We fucked for a while, then I told her I had to go to the bathroom. “He fucked her while she grabbed my hair and yelled, ‘Oh, Nikki! '” Sixx said that when he woke up the next morning, he didn’t remember the incident until the woman called him and told him she had been raped the night before.

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I went into the party and found Tommy,” Sixx wrote in the book. Though she said her attacker was a man who’d picked her up while she was trying to hitchhike home, Sixx said the story made him realize “that I had probably gone too far.” He continued, “At first, I was relieved, because it meant I hadn’t raped her.

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