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Banging Beau This is yet another sticky, truly hot, ass-fucking video gem! Muscular Straight Young Plumber Jake has come along way from doing his first shoot where he didn’t want to take off his boxers!

Today he is quick to pull them down and show off his very hairy hole and his body. Straight Pup Teddy Gets his 1st Man Wank Teddy wasn’t sure he should be letting a lad touch his cock, but while his girlfriend sat upstairs watching TV then Teddy lets Jack be the first man to touch and wank his uncut cock. Tony Conrad and Thom Jacobs Thom is a cute blond and playful boy with a sexy ass.

One day I’ll do a comprehensive collection of all his links. This is, as far as I can tell from the Ass Archives, our third booty-ful beginning to Lent. He’s shown off his backside here before, and it’s always worth another look. Perhaps more impressively, he was a Prince in Cinderella, and a naked hunk on this website.

For now, you’ll have to do some finger work and search the archives yourself. Newer to these pages is Kit Harington and his kingly booty. John Cena may have the most bodacious bottom ever seen on this site, but don’t take my word for it. Backing this post into the end zone (groan if you must, and don’t come for me over bad sports puns that I don’t even fully understand) is David Beckham.

The beautiful muscle boy with the fat uncut cock loves getting his gear off in front of the camera... He’s fucking adorable with his big blue eye, blonde hair, and naturally hairless chest...Sure, Damien West seems like the perfect mark, but unfortunately for Johnny, Damien is working undercover and has busted him red handed. Tyson Stone He's a handsome young man with high aspirations, wonderful assets, and one SWEET Twink ass! It’s still the first week of school, so the two haven’t had a chance...Meet Tyson Stone, a cute, sexy boy who loves hard cock in his mouth. Truth or Suck Anthony Scott is VERY excited about his roommate this semester. Porn Problems Markie More is caught between a rock and a hard place.Str8 Military Jock Landon Fucks Eddie Bareback Landon is back!And breaking some boundaries he'd never crossed before.

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Pietro Boselli has been turning heads as many times as he has been solving equations, thanks in large part to pictures like this. It’s not our first Ass Wednesday at the butt-baring rodeo.

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  1. ” No (65 percent), yes (35 percent—that’s actually quite a large percentage; if only these obsessive types spent less time skeeving people out and more time trying to catch a glimpse of their own anuses).