Mount st helens eruption false dating

Enormous coniferous trees up to …200 feet tall lived and died in these lowlands. over millions of years, these minerals crystallize within the wood’s cellular structure forming the stone-like material known as petrified wood.” According to, “How long it takes to form petrified wood… requires millions of years.” “Under normal conditions conversion of opal to quartz requires tens of millions of years; however, under geothermal conditions the same process may occur in 50,000 years of less (Mustoe 2003)…

fossil wood that has little to no wood remaining has cellular detail replicated in opal-CT… a Yellowstone Wyoming sample carbon dated at 2,430 years was composed of opal-A.” TRUTH: During the Mt. Helens eruptions, the explosion destroyed and relocated about 150 square miles of forest in a little more than five (5) minutes; swirling gases reached 900°C (over 1,600°F), and a few years later sonar scans of the bottom of Spirit Lake revealed about 19,500 upright trees.

preceded by several much smaller earthquakes beginning as early as March 16, was the first substantial indication of Mount St. The initial explosions formed a 250-foot-wide crater… high-temperature steam and gases; no magma…’ ‘May 18, a Sunday… Johnston, who had Saturday-night duty at an observation post about 6 miles north of the volcano, radioed in the results of some laser-beam measurements… Helens suddenly began to collapse, triggering a rapid and tragic train of events that resulted in widespread devastation and the loss of 57 people, including volcanologist Johnston.”Thus the explosion was initiated by an earthquake and rockslide where a mass of the North Slope slid off and pressure was released.

174 shocks with magnitudes greater than 2.6 were recorded… The crown of the ash column rose to about 6,000 feet above the volcano. The ash blown out between March 27 and May 18 was derived entirely from the 350-year-old summit dome… PDT, apparently in response to a magnitude 5.1 earthquake about 1 mile beneath the volcano, the bulged, unstable north flank of Mount St.

Ian Juby hosts a periodic show on You Tube called, “Genesis Week.” His humor is a little campy but, overall, I find his videos interesting.

The full video (self titled, Rant #100), can be viewed here but I've edited it down to the relevant section below.

The results on different samples gave ages between .35 ( /- .05) and 2.8 ( /- .6) million years. The fact that accepted, “scientific” dating methods failed to assign the correct age to the rocks should cast doubt on the ages assigned to rocks of unknown age. Mark Isaak, on the website, Talk Origins, said: Briefly, Steve Austin collected a sample from the Mount St.

I believe this particular assumption has been proven false.

In other words, Austin deliberately arranged for the dating to be invalid and then pretended it was someone else's fault. He did provide a link to a site that explained young samples should not have enough 40Ar present to be detected.

The fact of the matter was, though, that Austin's samples Mark Isaak's response to Harold in September's feedback was grossly misleading. Isaak stated that evolutionists' dating methods "cannot give accurate dates on samples expected to be less than two million years old." He does not explain that the reason is that there SHOULD NOT BE enough of the daughter element present to be detected. Henke states, "A few thousand years are not enough time for 40Ar to accumulate in a sample at high enough concentrations to be detected and quantified.

A sonar scan of the bottom of the lake revealed about 19,500 upright trees on the bottom of the lake.

Millions of logs were left floating over a 2’ mile area.

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For example, an age of 0.5 ± 1 million years is not considered either accurate or terribly useful, even though it is correct. First, it's still relevant to the debate because secular scientists still resort to these same arguments whenever their tests fail to accurately date rocks of known ages.

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