He was not able to concentrate at work and was always looking for a place to masturbate.

His mind would be preoccupied with thoughts related to the same throughout the day.

He presented with chief complaints of fearfulness that a friend of his would kill him along with pain in the genital region and repeated masturbation since 4 years.Here, we report a case of a patient with the delusional disorder having compulsive masturbation.Keywords: Compulsion, compulsive masturbation, delusional disorder, masturbation How to cite this URL: Karia S, De Sousa A, Shah N, Sonavane S.He was apparently alright 4 years prior to the presentation when he had an altercation with one of his friends in his village over a petty issue and had a verbal spat with him.The patient at that time had threatened to kill his friend by throttling him.

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After the act, he felt better and relieved of his worries too.

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