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Rather, their independent notions of hand-to-hand combat merged through cross-training between students and formulative efforts by their students and military staff.While Oschepkov and Spiridonov did have occasion to collaborate, their efforts were not completely united.As a combatives investigator for Dynamo, he traveled to Mongolia and China to observe their native fighting styles.In 1923, Oschepkov and Spiridinov collaborated (independently) with a team of other experts on a grant from the Soviet government to improve the Red Army's hand-to-hand combat system.The pioneers of sambo were Viktor Spiridonov and Vasili Oshchepkov.Oshchepkov spent several years living in Japan and training in judo under its founder Kano Jigoro.

Refined versions of sambo are still used today or fused with specific sambo applications to meet the needs of Russian commandos today.Their developments were supplemented by Anatoly Kharlampiyev and I. Vasiliev who also traveled the globe to study the native fighting arts of the world.Ten years in the making, their catalogue of techniques was instrumental in formulating the early framework of the art to be eventually referred to as sambo. This may be largely semantics, since only he had the longevity and political connections to remain with the art while the new system was named "sambo".This common error in history books is noted in several sources including From SAMOZ to SAMBO by Anatoly Makovetskii and Lukashev's History of Hand-to-Hand Combat in the First Half of the 20th Century: Founders and Authors.As a side note, demonstration sports were suspended after the 1992 Summer Olympics.

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