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Wikipedia Article Mountains of the Faroe Islands Sumba is the southernmost place of the Faroe Islands on the island of Suðuroy. These villages are in the Municipality of Tvøroyri. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of FC Suðuroy, formerly called VB Vágur (until 2005) and VB/Sumba (until 31 Dec. The stadium holds 3,000 people, but has only 330 seats. The etymology of its name is reputed to be connected with an early settlement of Irish monks who predated the arrival of the Vikings. The triangular top of Beinisvørð is visible from many places in Suðuroy, including Lopra, Nes and Marknoyri, the easternmost part of Vágur. Krambatangi is located on the southern side of Trongisvágsfjørður halfway between Trongisvágur and Øravík, opposite of Tvøroyri. Wikipedia Article Islets of the Faroe Islands, Suðuroy Borgarknappur is a mountain in Suðuroy, Faroe Islands. It is located in the center of the island, west of the village Hov and south-east of Fámjin, south-west of Øravík and north of Vágur. Wikipedia Article Mountains of the Faroe Islands, Suðuroy Kirkjuvatn is a lake in Suðuroy, Faroe Islands.Suðuroyarportalurin var framvið við upptøkutólinum. Where available, you'll find the corresponding homepage. Population:\t133 Postal code (Zip):\t FO 960 Location:\t\t Municipality:\t Hovs Hov is a village located on Suduroy's east coast, in the Faroe Islands; it is frequently mentioned in the country's history. In the Faroese language noon refers to in the 24-hour clock or 3pm in the 12-hour clock, whereas in the English language noon usually now refers to or 12pm. The ferry port was earlier on Drelnes, which is a few hundred meters further east of Krambatangi. Wikipedia Article Ports and harbours of the Faroe Islands, Suðuroy, Landforms of the Faroe Islands Sumbiarhólmur is an islet in the Faroe Islands, located just outside the village of Sumba, which is the southernmost village in the island Suðuroy. Another mountain peak, which is called Borgin (570 meters high) is just west of Borgarknappur, and a mountain called Hvannafelli (558 meters high) is further south. The lake is located just north of the village Fámjin, which is located on the west coast of Suðuroy. Wikipedia Article Populated places in the Faroe Islands, Populated coastal places in the Faroe Islands, Streymoy Vágseiði is an area in Vágur, Faroe Islands, located on the west coast of Suðuroy west of the village Vágur, from which it takes its name. The distance between the east and the west coast of Vágur is only one km.Besides the airports, there are other travel options available (check left side). Published: July 27, 2013 Length: min Rating: 5 of 5 Author: Robert Green A view from the mountain ridge surrounding the Miðvatn and Ryskivatn lakes and reservoir in Suðuroy - the southernmost of the Faroe Islands. its beauty, for the high bird cliff Beinisvørð and the skills of the local people regarding Faroese chain dance. It is situated on the east coast of the island on the Vágsfjørður fjord, and was founded in the fourteenth century. Wikipedia Article Populated places in the Faroe Islands, Populated coastal places in the Faroe Islands, Ports and harbours of the Faroe Islands, Suðuroy Øravík is a village on the east coast of the island of Suðuroy in the Faroe Islands. Wikipedia Article Populated places in the Faroe Islands Porkeri Church is a church in the settlement of Porkeri in the Faroe Islands. Wikipedia Article Churches in the Faroe Islands, Religious buildings completed in 1847 The Fámjin stone is a runestone located in the church of Fámjin on the Faroe Islands. The stone is dated to the time after the Faroese reformation in 1538, and proves that runes were used up to as late as the 16th century. Five kilometres south of Akraberg is the southernmost point of The Faroe Islands, a rock called Munkurin (The Monk), also called Sumbiarsteinur, which is one of a group of six rocks. The sound between Suðuroy and Munkurin is notorious for its strong current, it is called Røstin, the poet Poul F. The fjord is located in the southern part and on the eastern side of the island.While being here, you might want to pay a visit to some of the following locations: Tvoroyri, Sandur, Torshavn, Midvagur and Eystur. The water from these lakes serve the hydro power... Expansion has meant that the nearby town of Nes is now a suburb of Vágur. The village is located in the center of the island on a crossroad where the road to Fámjin goes towards west over the mountains to the west coast. Wikipedia Article Mountains of the Faroe Islands Trongisvágsfjørður is a fjord on the island of Suðuroy in the Faroe Islands. Furthest east on the northern side of the fjord is Froðba, in the bottom of the fjord is Trongisvágur. It should not be confused with another village by the same name on Eysturoy. Porkeri is situated in the island Suðuroy, which is the southernmost of the islands. The church is from 1847 and contains things donated by seamen who survived lethal storms on the sea, maintaining the tradition of almissu (seamen in danger promised - according to Nordic tradition - to donate churches, the material or such to God if they got back home alive). The distance between the east and the west coast of Suðuroy is very short from Vágsfjørður to Vágseiði. Wikipedia Article Fjords of the Faroe Islands, Suðuroy Beinisvørð (Beinisvord) is a 470 m high sea cliff in Suðuroy, Faroe Islands, the highest sea cliff in Suðuroy.

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