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Mindlessly swiping can become an addictive habit, interfering with creating connection in real life, performing at work, and even completing basic tasks.“Swiping takes so little thought, which is a big part of these kinds of addictive behaviors,” Kathryn Coduto, a Ph. candidate at the School of Communication at Ohio State University and lead author on a new paper on compulsive swiping in the . ”Not every Tinder user (there are 57 million worldwide, swiping about 1.6 billion times a day) or enthusiast will become “addicted to the game,” but certain types of people are more likely to cultivate dependence than others.Coduto’s latest research sought to find out who they were.She references dating apps like Hinge, which facilitate more nuanced interactions, like commenting on various profiles or answering generated questions, and can make users more intentional.Ultimately, she stresses that dating apps aren’t the most drastic thing that could happen to dating.

You can look for love anytime: in the coffee line, during your commute, even while at work.“We have respondents who said they had gotten in trouble at school or work because they were taking their phones out to check their dating app,” Coduto says.People who struggled to stop swiping, the team found, shared certain characteristics.Being single is not the end of the world, blah, blah, blah. But I know many single ladies and gentlemen out there would say that that is one of the biggest nonsense of all time! – Do go out to have some drinks with friends or do you just go home to play online games online? Learn things about you that may seem good or bad and play it up. – So now you know what you look like and you know the stuff that you do now it’s time to lay your hunting ground. Stop the ALONE AND DESPERATE ACT – No one, literally no one wants to date a person who is just full of self pity and loneliness.They often dream about finding that person who they can snuggle with at night and share toothbrushes with. Are you the person in the pajamas or the hot chick in simple white tea, chucks and blue jeans or the one with a red dress or and black pumps? Fall in love with the person you are and improve on that. There maybe some there that would kind of want to save another person but in the end they find this act really draining and toxic.

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Coduto is quick to stress that when someone is lonely, it doesn’t mean they are friendless or lack social connections.

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