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"—as if some part of this story still belongs to them.

For every well-kept home in Trails End, there’s one with a barbed-wire fence and a yard full of broken toys, tires, and rusted appliances.

They speculated that she had probably lied about her age, so how were the males to know?

was roundly castigated for its "rape-friendly" coverage of the assault, which was heavy on sympathetic quotes about the defendants and uncritical of malicious comments about the victim.

Every few months, she lands in the hospital again, most recently for a minor stroke. She wants to be a model." Her photos show a pretty girl with large brown eyes slightly slanted at the corners and raven black hair that falls over her left eye like a bird’s wing.

She’s a tall, big-boned 44-year-old woman with long, thick hair who goes to work, comes home, lies in her bed, and then goes back to work. Regina was physically affectionate, exuberant, always clowning around, Maria says; she was stubborn, too, and when she got mad, she got "snotty." She wouldn’t talk or even look at you for hours. Her pages are filled with newly learned gangsta talk ("straiqqh Hood ! ") and studded with hearts and smiley faces, like crowded Christmas cookies.

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Almost two years ago, Maria was diagnosed with brain tumors after collapsing at work.

She has no health insurance, so she hasn’t received any treatment for the tumors, nor can she pay for her insulin prescription for her diabetes.

It looked like there were eight to ten guys watching the girl, watching and waiting their turn.

Each time the guys switched places, another face was revealed—some of them were boys in their school.

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(One later told a female classmate that he’d stuck a beer bottle into the girl.) Others were older and unfamiliar.

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