Libra man dating aquarius woman

The result is mutual respect, both in and out of bed. It’s not surprising that Libra allows Aquarius to make most of the activity decisions. Besides, Aquarius always seems to choose the coolest things to see, do, and experience.This couple believes it’s seventh heaven they’ve found! The sharing of an Air element makes it easier for this pair to communicate. They are the hub of a large circle of avant-garde friends, singers, performers, and artists.Behind closed doors with sheets turn down, the sex in the Aquarius and Libra love match is steamy and hot! These two don’t fall into bed with the sex being perfect in every way. But, this couple proves conquering those obstacles is worth it. They struggle with feeling comfortable in their own skin.Despite being a Venus-ruled sign, Libra is a bit shy.Sexual and sensual, Libra can be a cool seducer in the bedroom.Still, when the clothes are off, Libra feels awkward and shy.Exceptional friends and even sweeter lovers, the Aquarius and Libra relationship is lasting. Libra appreciates and understands the Aquarius partner’s needs for space.

Before love can blossom in the Aquarius and Libra match, this couple must develop trust. This is worse if they have been in a troubled relationship prior. In part, it is because they love their independence.Here, more than ever, Libra must find balance through a mix of patience and understanding.While it takes a bit to get Libra free from inhibitions, it takes Aquarius some time to commit.Both partners have challenges to overcome before long-term commitment becomes an embraceable concept.Marriage is a concept that’s even further off into the sunset.

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If either partner becomes too pushy with marriage talk, it can put the relationship into ruin.

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