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I use Classic shell in replace of the windows 10 start menu Step #1Go to Start, Programs (All Programs), Utilities We have identified the issue and have a workaround.The issue is caused by Avast and the technology it uses to "protect" your computer. If you experience this problem please create a support request with Avast and reference this thread.As such this impatience and foot stamping only makes Microsoft’s new blog post all the more unpalatable.Yes some of what Microsoft is saying is ‘technically true’, but the reality is it’s disingenuous and irresponsible fear mongering written primarily to further its own ambitions following the mixed response to Windows 10.This has been duplicated by me on 20 computers Macrium Reflect Version 6.3 .1665 All running Windows 10 Home or Pro Version 1607 build(14.393.693)A sample of the file is attached. The first issue is not limited to the batch file, othershave issue running outside of the reflect interface.

Share this post and take comfort from the fact that for the next three years Windows 7 will continue to serve you very well indeed - whether Microsoft likes it or not…January 19th Update - Microsoft has now removed this article from its website.Microsoft says that sticking with Windows 7 will result in "higher operating costs" for users due to problems with reliability and compatibility.It also warns some manufacturers are actively shunning Windows 7 and stopping driver support while the newest chipsets from AMD, and Windows 7 users should not panic.No explanation was given, but the motivation seems obvious: it was disingenuous scaremongering, and Microsoft realised it could not get away with it.on the official Microsoft Newsroom, the company has warned Windows 7 users the ageing platform suffers from a number of serious failings including security deficiencies and hardware restrictions while reiterating all support for the platform is ending. The Microsoft post (originally written in German) goes into more detail actively attacking Windows 7 for its "long-outdated security architectures" and warning any users and businesses who are running that they are more susceptible to cyber attacks.

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Even when I try to "run now" an incremental backup nothing runs.

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