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Sabe puts on the Time Jumper wristwatch thingymajig… Sabe tries to click back to our time period using the device, but it’s broken. Meanwhile, Landon likes cats better than dogs, isn’t into sports, and used to be overweight.Fortunately, there’s a super handsome man at the train station with awesome red hair and a ) Nathan also says Sabe can sleep at his house while he works on the device. I think Sabe is freaking out, she keeps getting the sweat icon over her head. He also is the one who usually goes home and cooks dinner for himself and Teddy.Okay, so this is a tad awkward: about it and apologizes if he was being awkward there. Sabe can’t like a guy in a cat sweatshirt who calls her a nerd. Now it’s time to explore the town in today’s time period!! As I just outlined, those lab coat types are always super hard to get to know but totally worth it in the end. Sabe’s already got , so she buys an Alix Plushie because they are adorablezzz. When Sabe goes out with Oz, they run into another Oz robot! Now there is one man left to intensely date, and that is OH GOD when I talk to Landon, he gives Sabe a sticker book!Hmm, so Hayes Mansion has been replaced by the high school. like the school will be haunted by that ghost lady or something. This is the hub for chatting with Teddy, who has dyed his hair blue. No point in wasting HP on a convo with a dude she doesn’t like. Also, can I just say that there is a teddy bear working the register?! The other Oz says it is a Perfection Oz, so it’s better than Sabe’s Oz. (Wow, this is confusing.) But Sabe assures Oz that he is irreplaceable, because no other Oz — not even an updated model — would remember all the things they did together and talked about. It is like my relationship with Oz has been reversed.

The store owner is a weird-looking floating dude in a top hat who stole the tokens he’s selling. I think it’s the goggles on his hat: Sabe just wanders into this warehouse and says, “Um…. Nathan compliments how Sabe looks in the outfit that he bought for her. Super middle school-ish and not for me, but Sabe Teddy’s big brother who works in a lab and wears a lab coat. Although Sabe likes Emmett, we’re eliminating him as a love interest. Sabe returns to the present time and chats with Landon for a bit to decide if he is a contender for her heart. Here’s what we learn: 1.) he’s scared of scary movies and doesn’t like Teddy watching so many of them, 2.) he wears contact lenses because he thinks glasses make him look like a nerd, like he was in high school (I sense he got teased a lot…), 3.) he won a lifetime supply of chapstick on the internet, and 4.) . You can tell he’s a late bloomer — someone who had a hard time in high school because he was overweight and wore glasses, but now he’s fit and handsome and his brains make him even more desirable. And then, I , but Landon and Sabe topple over on top of each other. But it gives Landon a chance to get personal: Landon says he lost weight and started wearing contact lenses so Sabe would stop paying attention to Teddy and start paying attention to .(I’m sorry, but HP is so valuable and we have less than a month to fall in love here! ) I totally went for Travis, the computer club president, even though he was all mean at the beginning. This means that my boss is a teddy bear, that is kind of awesome. Now Sabe must decorate Landon’s laboratory with stickers…The professor was mean to me, too, but that’s how those romance start out… He says he knew Teddy stole the Time Jumper device, but it’s all right. After a couple more dates and some chatting about Landon being just as shy and awkward as ever…Rainbow Days Sim Date This is basically what happened before anything from Another Days Sim Date 2 was made.It shows that Marty and Prince Dreamboat met at the gas station, when they were filling up their cars.

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