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He liked me doing this as his dog cock got even bigger.I sat on the sofa as I lifted my dress as I took the jar of peanut butter and spread some onto my clit. The big lab was licking my pussy as he lapped at the peanut butter. I was surprised at just how good it felt as he took long licks with that hot tongue.I lifted his head and guided him to the goo I had placed on my pussy. I then reached down and rubbed his dog cock as he lapped at my wet pussy. I took my hand and slowly stroked his dog cock as the big red end slipped from its sheath.I knew it was the next door neighbour’s dog from the size of him.He was a big dog and usually stayed in their fenced in yard. As I got up and went to the door, I felt my wet pussy stirring from the masturbating I had been doing. I opened my door and coaxed him inside where I went to call the neighbour to tell them he was loose.

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  1. The true ANR is based on emotional needs rather than sexual desires, and this is why I advocate ANRs within the bounds of a loving, honest, selfless, DEDICATED and COMMITTED relationship.