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The plaintiff must include a complete description of the incident and explain the need for a further restraining order.

A court staff person uses the information contained in these forms to prepare a Domestic Violence (DV) complaint.

If the court grants your continuance, it may also extend the TRO until the new hearing date.

A DV complaint must be based on one or more of the following acts: If the DV charge is based on conduct that doesn’t fit any of the above, a judge may dismiss the case.

A judge may dismiss a DV case that lacks “subject matter jurisdiction.” This is just a fancy way of saying that the two people involved in the DV case – the plaintiff and the defendant – must fall within at least one of the following categories of persons protected by the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act (“PDVA”): A spouse, former spouse, or former household member.

The PDVA defines a victim of domestic violence as any person who is 18 years of age or older (or an emancipated minor) who is subjected to domestic violence by a spouse, former spouse, or any present or former household member.

Domestic violence claims can result in severe legal consequences for defendants including: Since a DV hearing is generally held within 10 days after the complaint is filed, you may want to ask the court to continue the hearing date so you have enough time to prepare your defense.

“They allege that my client waived her rights in the participation agreement,” Nizewitz’s lawyer Matthew Blit of the NYC offices of Levine & Blit, PLLC told me.

“Our allegation is that it was an intentional act and outside the participation agreement.

We are confident that this motion will be denied.” In her initial suit, Nizewitz claimed producers told her during the filming of the beach-wrestling scene they would make sure to digitally blur out any full-on nudity.

They may have said that, but they didn’t do it and eventually exposed the 28-year old’s vagina and anus to VH1 viewers on the July 31 broadcast.

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If you've been falsely accused of domestic violence, this article may provide answers to some of the questions you have, but you should hire an experienced attorney to represent you at trial.

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