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John started dating partner Scott Gill in 1993, three years before he scored his Central Park West role, and he has been out with regards to his sexuality for most of his career.

They've been together for over 20 years as a strong family since their historic wedding.Time-travelling heartthrob Captain Jack was so popular he was given his own show, Torchwood, which ran from 2006-2011.This year John made it clear he would agree to return to Doctor Who "at the drop of a hat" after slamming "certain egos" for blocking a revival of Torchwood.She explained: “He’s very conscious that you want to get rid of the people that are toxic and stay with the ones who build you up “That’s definitely one of the lessons he learned from bullying.” John was first tormented after his family moved from Glasgow to Aurora, Illinois, when he was eight, when his dad, John Snr, got a job at the Caterpillar tractor plant.He was initially picked on because of his Scottish accent.

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