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There are about 50-70 pages that you can read on line. Watch Dark Shadows Online in and also Dark Shadows Download This is not an insider answer.She is the author of Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side and Jekel Loves Hyde. Beth Fantaskey is the author of Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, Jessica Rules the Dark Side, Jekel Loves Hyde, and Buzz Kill. ”The snow swirls around her, and she stands with her back to me, her body enveloped in a bright red cloak. I would mess up the whole event, and my relatives would all laugh as they cast their “no” ballots in the vote of confidence on the last day.Shelives in rural Pennsylvania with her husband and two daughters. I was doomed to bomb at my own party, and ruin Lucius’s future, too.“It’s going to be a disaster,” I admitted out loud, for the first time.“Antanasia!Don’t get me wrong I loved the story line, but this book had some serious issues with pacing and just having a basic story line, that really flowed. I would have taken this book way more seriously if it had a less…childish title (also the covers picture is pretty bad too).

Well you can buy it from a bookstore and read it or on you can type in Jessica's guide to dating on the dark side and look in the Look Inside section. I have been comparing the dark blue color on a can of pepsi to the pantone color guide, and the two colors that most reseble that dark blue are Pantone 541 C and Pantone 302 C.

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A sequel, Jessica Rules The Dark Side, has been announced for the summer of 2011.

I felt that things were just quickly resolved and the way things were resolved wasn’t very strong.

There was too many flaws (thankfully there’s a second book). The book moved along at a great pace and things were exciting but then the events started to become less and less…intriguing.

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