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Consonants Letters between // are phonemes and the following letter is the way it is spelled in the new standard Greenlandic orthography of 1973.Greenlandic phonology distinguishes itself phonologically from the other Inuit languages by a series of assimilations. Additionally, the help of designer Ellen Mc Kie is acknowledged in working with the illustrations, particularly the cover. 1972 Excavations at Altar de Sacrificios: Architecture, Settlement, Burials, and Caches. In Prehispanic Domestic Units in Western Mesoamerica, edited by Robert S. The men do know how to boil beans in ceramic pots to eat with the tortillas.

It is closely related to the Inuit languages in Canada, such as Inuktitut.

The northern dialect, "Inuktun" ("Avanersuarmiutut"), spoken around the city of Qaanaaq (Thule) is particularly closely related to Canadian Inuktitut.

Other dialects are Eastern Greenlandic ("Tunumiit oraasiat"), and the dialect of Upernavik.

Double vowels are pronounced as two moras, so they are phonologically a vowel sequence not a long vowel, they are also written as two vowels in the orthography.

There is no stress phonemic or phonetic but heavy syllables (with double vowel or in front of a consonant cluster) sound stressed and some intonational patterns also sound like stress.

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