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It has been rumored for years now that there were still Jennifer Lawrence nude photos and sex tapes yet to be released, and with the video clips above and photo below recently being posted online these rumors appear to have been proven true.Of course it comes as absolutely no surprise to us righteous Muslims ..Rob has been turning his life around recently, with a dramatic weight transformation and completely cutting Chyna out of his life so he can be a good dad to baby Dream. As for her, she hasn't officially been with anybody since dating Darren Aronofsky., but “it's very hush-hush." The identities of Aniston's suitors remain top-secret, but insiders have dropped a few hints.We already showed you the failed pilot she made with Alison Brie, and now let’s take a look at all the ways people, especially one particular Tumblr, hate Lawrence, ranked from the dumbest reasons to the ones that sort of make sense. PROOF JENNIFER LAWRENCE IS TERRIBLE: Her Brother has a PUBLIC album mocking stereotypes of Asians. The books are in part about the danger of celeb worship, and yet that’s exactly what fans are doing with her.For what it’s worth, UPROXX is Team J-Law, through and through. She’s f*cking horrible for doing that with this franchise, and she can kiss my ass.

That is why this compilation of first time celebrity ..

“Whatever else is printed about us that is not directly from us, is someone else’s fictional narrative.

star, now there are numerous thinking man’s think pieces about how she’s annoying because people on the Internet adore her, or something. — so I guess it’s a good thing we won’t see her in a new movie until November, when she’ll appear in , where she’ll make a cameo (maybe so that Jim Carrey can fawn over her). Though not today, because today is her 24th birthday (Jesus, she’s ONLY 24). Everything about the cult surrounding her goes against a major message in the books to such an extreme point that it makes me sick.

And maybe it’s because I’m years beyond the period of my life when I was acting like that — going to parties, drinking too much, passing out on coat beds, etc.

I just think she seems like she’d be awful to hang out with!

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So now, Kris is working her magic on setting him up with not only the biggest Kardashian stan, but hot movie star, Jennifer Lawrence. According to OK Magazine, the two met in passing, and Jen Naturally, Rob is "totally smitten" with Jen.

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