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Participants were 100 women with one child who were referred for sex selection.

A series of various videos published on social media in Iran showing public officials in embarrassing sexual acts have led to controversy.

He added that if “Competent authorities fail to take any steps, we will refer the case to the university’s violations committee”.

He also admitted that the professor in question is the head of a research center at the university.

Later she went to see Khomeini, who had returned to Iran.

Those who get these surgeries performed are subject to social stigma from their families and communities.

The new religious government that came to be established after the 1979 Iranian Revolution classed transgender people and crossdressers with gays and lesbians, who were condemned in shah's era and faced the punishment of lashing or even death under Iran's penal code.

One early campaigner for transgender rights was Maryam Hatoon Molkara, who had been assigned male at birth but identified as female.

Therefore, evaluating the gender preferences and attitudes towards using sex selection technologies seems to be necessary.

METHODS This cross-sectional study was conducted in Avicenna Fertility Center.

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