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leaning back into your chair, take a sip of water -constantly adjusting her clothes -asks for your name -when sitting cross legged, her feet are pointing towards you LEVEL TWO IOIS (quite obvious, any 3) -she touches your arm -plays with your hair -asks if you have a gf -compliments you on your appearance, character -rubs her legs on your legs under the table when seated -puts her hands on your legs when seated -she says "its so weird someone like you doesnt have a gf" -she initiates communication( texting, calling ) pretty often -when walking, constantly brushes against your hands, your shoulder LEVEL THREE IOIs (if you do not act upon seeing any of this you are basically gay) -puts her fingers into her mouth and uses it repeatedly to go in and out -puts her hand on your cock -takes your hand and places it on her breasts -she says "i want your cock in my mouth" -she says "do you wanna see me naked" thats all, will add more when i think about it. Will do a set of crunches after every workout just for you brah. Let them say I lived in the time of Zyzz, the father of Aesthetics.

Feel free to add any in based on personal experience. Let them say I lived in the time of Chestbrah." lol IOI's are so ****ing 4 years ago...

While these can be signs of interest from a girl, there are too many possible variables to say with any certainty that these are solid IOI’s.

After all, some girls just like playing with their hair!

stop being a pussy beta male and just escalate with her anyway. why would you automatically, subconciously beta yourself out when you shouldn't even be THINKING about what she thinks of you and ASSUMING you are a high value, alpha IOI's are so ****ing 4 years ago...

who gives a ****, why do you care if shes into you or not. Aziz 'Zyzz' Sergeyevich Shavershian - March 23, 1989 - August 6, 2011 You were taken way too soon. IOIs should not be used as a sense of whether or not you should talk to a girl. Aziz 'Zyzz' Sergeyevich Shavershian - March 23, 1989 - August 6, 2011 You were taken way too soon.

However, behind that logic is 10000000000 levels of subjective. They'll also do things like walk a little more exaggerated so their hips are swaying, and/or tits bouncing more than usual.

She’s sending you signals that she likes you, whether it’s her touching your arm or the beautiful girl telling you outright that she finds you attractive.

Unfortunately, too many guys, pick up artists or not, are making these 10 mistakes when it comes to IOIs.

Even more subtle like they'll stand at an angle and poke their ass out sort of like the pose they all do on social media to make the ass stand out.

Another one if a chick touches herself around you that's pretty much a green light.

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