Invalidating query cache entries key magento

You need to set requirepass "[your_password]" ( [your_password] - it is custom password for redis ) in that file under ########### SECURITY ############ section.

Then extension will return cached page without new rendering.

MEMCACHE must be installed on the server before configuring You can check if you use MEMCACHE in phpinfo: To configure magento to work with MEMCACHE you need to add the following lines to your configuration file ( app/etc/) after ~!

MEMCACHED must be installed on the server before configuring.

REDIS keep all cache in RAM, so you can keep in RAM a large count of cache files without slow down your store.

REDIS allows to set a high values for the Cache Lifetime and store the cache for a long time.

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If you use other types of cache, high Cache Lifetime can significantly slow down the shop. If Varnish works correctly, then FPC will work corectly with Varnish too.

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