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All Web applications in an application are automatically started using the same session instance if you specify the session descriptor in the You use session persistence to permanently store data from an HTTP session object to enable failover and load balancing across a cluster of Web Logic Servers.When your applications stores data in an HTTP session object, the data must be serializable.This servlet demonstrates session tracking using hidden form fields by displaying the shopping cart for a bookworm.Note that, if you try this servlet, the buttons at the bottom of the page it generates don't take you anywhere defined as a series of related browser requests that come from the same client during a certain time period.

The application should not attempt to use the cookies associated with the HTTP session.Your application should store data on the server if it must be accessed by the user from multiple locations.You cannot directly connect the age of a browser cookie with the length of a session.If you would like Web applications to share the same session, you can configure the session descriptor at the application level in the deployment descriptor. The session descriptor configuration that you specify at the application level overrides any session descriptor configuration that you specify at the Web application level for all of the Web applications in the application.If you set the attribute to true at the Web application level, it will be ignored.

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