Intimidating xbox gamertags

Got mine after struggling to come up with a decent name for a good hour. Yid part being a nickname for my favourite football/soccer team, Tottenham Hotspur.

1984 was the year i was born so added that at the end.

Of course if they allowed 15 letters then it would be "True Achievements". I have been known as 'porschephiliac' for over a decade in various PC games, but I have been XBL for about 4 years.

First, take my name and seperate it into the 2 words it is: Porsche and philiac. x God Dogx well not sure where this one came from i have used it for atleast 10 years now on everything i have ever used.

You can choose a clan name that is funny, intimidating or a name that will make your opponent shiver with fear.

Also in choosing a name and you discover that the name you like has been chosen you can still make a change by just adding an underscore or something else.

My Gamertag should be easy to figure out, although my name being Stephen not Jake might muddy the waters a little. Oct 30th is my birthday and I often feel particularly devilish, so.... Mine used to be richs99 which is something I've used for aaaages as my name is Rich S....

But then I thought I needed to promote the site and should grab True Achievement before anyone else did!

The feature was available to all Xbox Live members (Silver/regular and Gold) on the Xbox 360 's Xbox Guide, more precisely: before the Xbox 360 's User Interface was overhauled to the NXE interface.

Today, this feature has been removed on Xbox 360, and the Xbox One never had this feature even though many people wanted it.

Xbox 360 Players used to be able to choose between the following four following Gamer Zones ; Recreation, Pro, Family and Underground.

My Brothers GT is Purple Lurple, he got it from previously having Titty Twister but had to change it after people reported him for having a offensive GT My name is Joe, and I wanted a cool-sounding word that rhymes with it : P In then end, I chose Psycho, since it reflects a part of my personality : DUnfortunately, psychojoe was taken, so I settled for Psycho Joe 1Back when I was a lad, 12 years ago, I was into wargaming a needed a name for my Leader guy.

I used the first letter from my name (A) and since he was an evil bloke I added in some "strong" "sharp" letters, K, Z, R.

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