Intimidating life

I also think some celebrities could be intimidating because you watch them on TV, listen to their music or read their books and you are so excited to meet them and that excitement can turn into intimidation.

I think in some senses it could be negative like that person makes the other feel awkward or is a bully and others feel intimidated or it could be a positive because you are so awestruck by someone or maybe you waited so long to meet them that you were intimidated when you finally do meet them.

We have so much to learn from each other, as a new mom and new entrepreneur I’ve been so inspired by all the stories that we can share.” “I believe that when people can’t put you in a box and categorize you, it can be a bit frightening for them.

But alas, my brain took this sentence, set it on ‘loop forever’ in my brain, and launched me into a seemingly never ending, far-too-deep analysis of what the hell being intimidating truly means.

Really, they have strong values, work ethic, and options that they aren’t afraid to share.” “When I think of intimidating I think of a few scenarios.

It could be seen as someone that is unapproachable but also it could be seen as someone that maybe knows more than the other, someone with more experience, or a higher title.

Hell, I’m currently writing an article about I would say that one of my main goals in life would be to make a positive impact on my community; to help others and to start speaking out about important issues, whatever they may be.

But this goal will never be possible if I’m not able to listen to the stories of the people around me.

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