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Bans on interracial marriage and Jim Crow laws, by contrast, were aspects of a much larger insidious movement that denied the fundamental equality and dignity of all human beings and forcibly segregated citizens.When these interracial marriage bans first arose in the American colonies, they were inconsistent not only with the common law inherited from England, but also with the customs of prior world history, which had not banned interracial marriage.[1] These bans were based not on reason, but on prejudiced ideas about race that emerged in the modern period and that refused to regard all human beings as equal.Indeed, it arose in cultures that had no concept of sexual orientation and in some that fully accepted homoeroticism and even took it for granted.[6] Searching the writings of Plato and Aristotle, Augustine and Aquinas, Maimonides and Al-Farabi, Luther and Calvin, Locke and Kant, Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., one finds that the sexual union of male and female goes to the heart of their reflections on marriage but that considerations of race with respect to marriage never appear.[7] Only late in human history does one see political communities prohibiting intermarriage on the basis of race.Bans on interracial marriage had nothing to do with the nature of marriage and everything to do with denying dignity and equality before the law.As the act that unites spouses can also create new life, marriage is especially apt for procreation and family life.

Same-sex marriage is the result of revisionism in historical reasoning about marriage.Colonial America stands out for its bans on interracial marriage.Commenting on these prohibitions, Harvard University history professor Nancy Cott argues: It is important to retrieve the singularity of the racial basis for these laws.Is opposition to same-sex marriage at all like opposition to interracial marriage?One refrain in debates over marriage policy is that laws designating marriage as exclusively the union of male and female are today's equivalent of bans on interracial marriage.

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It is reasonable for individuals and policy to affirm that marriage is the union of a man and a woman.[2] Belief that marriage is a male–female union is shared by the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions; by ancient Greek and Roman thinkers untouched by these religions; and by various Enlightenment philosophers.[3] It is affirmed by canon, common, and civil law and by ancient Greek and Roman law.

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