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Peter Krause and Rachel Griffiths supposedly just hated each other on the set of "Six Feet Under." I think everyone else got along, but they were two of the bigger characters on it and had so many scenes together, so I think that made things tense for a lot of people (though it helped in that the characters had a love/hate relationship).

He apparently couldn't resist chiding her about feminist stuff (and possibly lesbian stuff) and I doubt she's the type to laugh it off. I always wonder how he reacted when Divine began to join the cast (as Peggy's mother). I'm not guessing one way or the other I'm just curious.And if you read Cybill's memoirs, "Cybill Disobedience," you will see that she really is a narcissistic asshole who expected everyone on that set to be subordinate to her and carry out her every whim, and that she would be furious if they resisted.Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic hated each other on the set of "Castle," of course.Colin Quinn and Tina Fey clashed in the SNL writers room quite a bit in the late 90s.Quinn and Chris Kattan didn't get along.[quote] Shelly Long and the Cheers cast.

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After I read that I saw Heaton and the actress who played the daughter on some talk show where they did a cooking segment together and noted some tension. Most of the cast of CYBILL weren't exactly charmers. Ditto Alicia Witt, who was not well liked on the set of Nashville.

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