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last month two very good friends got married after 6 years of dating, this month another couple ive been close with since college is getting impromptu married after 7 years of dating. but i digress cos it was a lovely short ceremony on a gorgeous day, followed by delicious food and drinks, dancing, and merriment!

So Mya and I have been dating for over 5 months now.

Fear, I believed, was caused by trauma from the dating games that people play. As a matter of fact, I fancied a much different version of this story.

So one of my key dating tips is to ask yourself, “Where are you going to meet marriage minded people for dating who have the goal of marriage? And what steps can I take to approach dating more strategically? It's crazy cause sometimes it doesn't feel that long at all.It's also crazy because I know so many couples that were already engaged or married after 5 1/2 months.I have thought about several different approaches to take, how to explain where I went, and where I went wrong, and why I am here again, still here…but I didn’t have it in me. It’s on that note that I am typing this post, the realizing. Like a boomerang, I go back, unspoken hope still hanging in the air, thick with unpopped bubbles of disappointment, I go back. A nice place to pause when recuperating, a place where your vulnerability is not real vulnerability. But as time goes on, the longer we stay in the game, something happens. But maybe all those people who turn out to be jerks really aren’t…maybe they have just been brainwashed by the game, have accepted the nonsense as normal. I can control who I am, what I do and what I think. I am not wishing that on him, but we get what put out there. You will find yourself constantly striving to be good enough for them, when you really only need to be good enough for you. But he was non-judgmental, and a painter, and truthful to a fault, things I like. I had tried to lure him out the night before at a very cool author reading, but he was too nervous and was adamant that he was terrible in social situations. I didn’t want to post any bitter seeds, because, you see, this blog is about hope, and for a split second, my hope evaporated. Hope is hard to kill, crush, destroy, even dissipate, hope is strong, maybe the strongest thing in the universe, maybe the very glue that holds us all, maybe the bones, the filling the in bones, the morrow of all of our skeletons. The ugh-inducing light-bulb moment when I learned the lesson from the experience, and that lesson is that I have a problem. Yes friends, relationships that go nowhere, that is the theme of the romantic/potentially-romantic/pretend-to-be-romantic relationships I am engaged in. The bread-crumbing friend, the aloof friend, the honest-about-not-wanting-to-be-in-relationships-but weird-when-I-am-in-one friend, the ex jockeying to be a friend—they all have one thing in common. Nowhere towards the goal previously stated at the inception of this blog anyway. A place to pretend to move on while not really moving on. Like a shiny new penny that has been dropped on the ground and stepped over one too many times, our optimism dulls. Maybe they too have been exposed to the trauma caused by the game. The lesson learned is that I still need to work on being cool at the beginning. The right person will see you as good enough no matter where you are on your journey. In fact, he was so nervous about our pending date that I called him the night before so we could get comfortable with each other. But next day, I arrived at the restaurant first and called my friend.

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First, I am not a 24/7 relationship kind of person. Mya has been accommodating about this but I sometimes wonder if she thinks we ought to be spending more time together.

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