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There, he showed his dedication to Compassionate Conservatism by saying that homosexuality wasn't normal and telling a lesbian that he felt sorry for her child, despite being a former altar boy who was very "well-known" by many priests.After one angry phone call from the Liberal media headquarters, the station fired Sean.Die-hard Trump supporter Christy Edwards Lawton was at a Manhattan party last year when she noticed a beautiful woman across the room.The woman, who had “stunning” good looks, according to Lawton, seemed like someone who would have no trouble finding love.I know this because I saw all three of them having a pissing contest in a men's restroom once.Contrary to allegations made by Democrats and puppy killers, Sean does not steal the content of his show from The Greatest President’s talking points.Hannity began life in the hardscrabble streets of Long Island.After a brief stint as a construction worker, he started his career in radio at the University of California-Santa Barbara.

Lawton’s app has some unusual rules as far as dating sites go.

She also said they discovered Tinder users who would pay to “super-like” their accounts but reject them once they learned they supported Trump.“You just paid money to like us, but you want nothing to do if we’re conservative,” Lawton said.

That’s not to say Righter isn’t just as eager to push culture-war buttons of its own.

But she also had a surprising secret: she couldn’t find a boyfriend in New York City because she voted for Trump.

“I’m a Republican,” the woman whispered to Lawton, she recalled.

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