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Once the object is created, a pseudomethod can be called to create the various elements of the XML document.Let’s look at an example of how to create one block, that is, one movie element from the above XML document − The Groovy Xml Parser class employs a simple model for parsing an XML document into a tree of Node instances.Below are examples on how to modify or edit existing XML document.

Apart from reading and manipulating the XML tree, Groovy also provides tooling to create an XML document from scratch.

The Extensible Markup Language XML is a markup language much like HTML or SGML.

This is recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium and available as an open standard.

The following codeis a snippet of how we can traverse through the entire content of the XML document and display a proper response to the user.

Movie Name: Enemy Behind Movie Type: War, Thriller Movie Format: DVD Movie year:2003 Movie rating: PG Movie stars:10 Movie description: Talk about a US-Japan war ******************************* Movie Name: Transformers Movie Type: Anime, Science Fiction Movie Format: DVD Movie year:1989 Movie rating: R Movie stars:8 Movie description: A schientific fiction ******************************* Movie Name: Trigun Movie Type: Anime, Action Movie Format: DVD Movie year:1986 Movie rating: PG Movie stars:10 Movie description: Vash the Stam pede!

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