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In some cases this ties up the scammers’ time with useless tasks and in other cases the result are downright hilarious, like a scammer baited into carving a Commodore 64 keyboard replica from wood.This sampling of scambusts is just a starting point and these are often quite involved and long, going back and forth for weeks, so read the descriptions and click the links if you want to read more!Moss is brutally murdered by British hit-men, Mike Rotch steps in, but only to try to steer him back to Mr. Scammer Wants to Transfer Funds, Gets Hilarious Web of Lies Nutshell: This one is too funny to even try to explain. This scammer stays on the line despite the scambusters repeated requests for him to use absurd code names, repeated abuse, bizarre requests for photographs, strange attached photographs sent to him and so on.Biblical quotes, sex references and nonsensical truisms are only the beginning.Although none of the internet security experts I asked had ever heard of that approach in particular, there was a perverted sort of logic to it.

The seller realized a scam may be in the works and kept the scammer on the hook.

While the scammer is asking him to send his passport, the scambuster continues with his story and cites furtive cult meetings and raises the possibility he is being followed.

While the scammer pushes him to send some money via Western Union, he replies that a friend has died in mysterious circumstances while researching the cult.

Scammer Wants Help Recovering Fortune, Gets Murder Plot Nutshell: Mrs Marie Jeanne Keita, formerly of Saudi Arabia, now in Cote D’Ivoire, is supposedly dying of cancer and wants assistance in getting her late husband’s fortune – and winds up in a conversation with multiple personalities and faux-deadly consequences.

The supposed money is secured in a “matalic” box at a security company, out of Africa and use it to fund orphanages and such.

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