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In more detail: A portmanteau word: Bondage & Discipline Dominance & Submission Sadism & Masochism.This is a general breakdown of the acronym, and in this case it is meant to explain that Tapestries MUCK is a place for people who are generally interested in ways to have sex that are outside the mainstream.This room still exists, in the old Castle section of the MUCK (t castle; s), and the Furry Valley is still accessible through it.Tapestries MUCK is a cross between a real life BDSM play party, a free form roleplaying environment, and a social gathering place all within a furry theme.An unlimited variety of character origins are permitted by the game's administrators.

Tapestries facilitates this by providing an environment that is populated exclusively by adult players and furry characters, as well as by setting guidelines that encourage tolerance and respect of other's fantasies and beliefs.To find new people, interests, and generally to have fun, it is important to have social gatherings along side the play.The Muck requires that you be 18 years of age or older to create a character.Even ads, when we have them (rare), are for the furry community. If you want to sign up, just fill out the profile Join form and make sure we can tell you are a furry or are interested in finding out more. We are back and we hope you like us better than ever!

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