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TLC decided to use this big milestone as the focus for their show.On the show you could see the twins decorating and prepping for their first ever part-time job as teachers.The girls have their own degree, and their own teaching license as well.However, they are only paid one salary since their job is done technically by one person.Of course, the twins have said they don't mind if people ask for a photo, but without permission is an absolute no.

Abby, the louder, bossier sister who likes driving faster, operates the pedals and gearshift. Despite being capable of walking, it does a lot of harm due to the angle their upper body is held at thanks to the connection at their heads.

Brittany has suffered from pneumonia twice while Abby hasn't had it at all.

This baffled doctors for a while and still intrigues medical professionals.

Well, just like many young women all around the world, Abby and Brittany hope to one day fall in love and be married with children.

They do realize that their conjoined body creates for a bit of an obstacle, brihtany they still believe they will find two separate men for the two of them.

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