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Remember, free radicals are charged molecules that attack neighboring molecules in order to steal their electrons.

Free radicals punch through cell membranes and tear apart DNA structures in these neighboring cells.

This process is a form of oxidation or oxidative stress. Protecting sensitive nerve cells from free radical damage is a safe, natural, and effective means of coping with neuropathy while repairing existing oxidative stress.

The elusive nature of multiple sclerosis has been a source of clinical studies for years.

Researchers at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam released the results of a study treating 14 multiple sclerosis patients with a combination of antioxidants and other nerve-protecting agents.

This resulting DNA damage is a major contributing factor in diabetic neuropathy.

The key to counteracting free radicals is introducing antioxidants.

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These bioflavanoids range widely in the amount of active compounds they provide, depending upon how they are processed and delivered (powder, liquid, tablet, etc).

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