Filenet capture statistics not updating

The following fragment is from the main installation script: @set HOME=%~dp0% @set INSTALLDIR=C:\Program Files\IBM\Installation Manager echo Assert Installation Manager installed.It will be installed echo to the %INSTALLDIR% if it is not yet installed @call %HOME%\assert :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :: This script runs IBM Installation Manager installer :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: @if exist %HOME%\Installer Image\( echo Running IBM Installation Manager installer %HOME%\Installer Image\-accept License ) else ( echo IBM Installation Manager installer has not been found ) If the clean option is set to false, which is the default setting, Installation Manager uses the repository and other preferences from the response file in addition to the existing Installation Manager settings.You must use the IBM Installation Manager Kit to install IBM Installation Manager on a client computer.You can also use the IBM Installation Manager Kit to update it.Statistics must be updated after tables has had many updates, or after reorganizing any of the tables. You can see when they were last updated for particular table in stats_time column of this query.

While the team had a desire to begin moving the cloud, they felt strongly that the IBM cloud with File Net was not a long term direction.For many implementations of File Net, there are simple ways to leverage cloud vendors as we mentioned in our article on how File Net for one customer can be replaced with just AWS S3 while giving the customer all the benefits of a modern browser for viewing and annotation as well as replacement of proprietary components like TIF files with more flexible PDF and modern document formats.has produced a thoughtful treatise on what technology means to our current existence, where it is taking us and how we should interpret the changes it is driving in the way we live, work and think.In regards to the cloud, the client was more focused on Amazon or Azure and could not justify the move from a running a stable on-premise system to the cloud or a new platform.In the end, the team reached a preliminary decision to continue to run on their existing File Net 5.2 unsupported.

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All of the above would provide no additional capabilities to the business users and introduced the risk that some of the business might be interrupted during the upgrade process.

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