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I hate how they made so many of us fall into a hole of self-hate and servility and wanting to do anything to associate with white people while shunning our own faces and our own skin. Yes, the reality sucks loads of dick, but hating all white people is irrational.

Sometimes it's really fucking hard to deal with all this shit. You should be hating the racist ones, not all of them. There is nothing more erosive for an Asian man's self-image and self-esteem than long-term exposure to Hollywood products.) Here is my observation: whenever Hollywood puts an Asian in a TV show or movie, she or (especially) he is rarely if ever portrayed in a positive or even neutral light.

I'm sure it's wrong to hate all white people but that's really how I'm feeling these days. Oh, here is another advice: stop watching movies and television shows from Hollywood. You want to insulate yourself from the negative influence as much as possible.

It is better to watch a show that has no Asian in it over one that has one or two token or caricature Asian characters. I ask because you sound young (a teenager perhaps)?

I don't blame them for things that other people of the same race did because it wasn't their fault. In this area, you can say they get the shorter end of the stick because of discrimination. There are many problems that can deal with prejudice and discrimination and you choose to focus on race?

I hate that I was born into a country that will always see me as a foreigner or the punchline of a joke.

I hate that as an Asian American my entire existence is a product of white colonialism.

Each person has the ability to think for himself/herself. I hope you arent talking about America, because thats an incredibly short-sighted and ignorant point of view.

The great majority of Americans do not see Asian Americans as "foreigners" or as the "punchline of a joke".

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