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She appeared on the show's Las Vegas season in 2011.

She has studied communications at Monmouth University.

Recency bias has turned that season into what is known as the worst season in Real World history.

GBOGH was set in Las Vegas, given a Road Rules type vibe, and still failed.

Marie, Laura, and La Toya were gems, except they were forced to live on an island with the only eligible bachelors for them being Trey, Robb, Swift, and Brandon. These people had possible potential, but it was also ruined by the setting.7 & 8 RW Bad Blood & RW Go Big Or Go Home9 RW Back to San Diego BB Cast: Theo Bradley, Jordan Anderson, Mike Crescenzo, Anika Rashuan, Robbie Padavono, Katrina Stack, Tyara Hooks, Anna Stack, Kassius Bailey, Jennifer Geoghan, Peter Romeo, Orlana Russell, Kimberly Johannson, Will Groomes GBOGH Cast: Kailah Casillas, Dione Marini, Sabrina Kennedy, Christopher Ammon, Ceejai Jenkins, Dean Bart-Plague, Jenna Tomasson, Dylan Moore SD Cast: Zach Nichols, Ashley Kelsey, Frank Sweeney, Priscilla Mendez, Nate Stodgill, Sam Mc Ginn, Alexandra Governe Bad Blood has gotten a somewhat bad wrap in my opinion.

In the Real World house, that’s just being annoying.

Zach was an asshole, Ashley an enabler, Nate was a bad drunk, and Priscilla couldn’t even drink.

Ryan Leslie was the worst and the best part of the New Orleans seasons. His actions annoyed you, yet you hated him so much that you had to watch.

When he was finally evicted, it made the world so happy.

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