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And the game is long so it will wear the infant out.11-month-old infants have the limited attention span of pea-brained goldfish, so they won’t even care to watch a sports game for 10 min.

R82 only a few weeks ago on desert island discs he was talking about being attracted to men and women, so YOU are wrong actually.These hipsters think it’s ‘hip & authentic’ to drag their under-developed infants everywhere. I am American, grew up in the Midwest, and am well familiar with the term "baby buggy," but it's hardly some big outrage that the OP chose to define it. He easily could have just left the stroller outside the pool area and carried the baby in.Except they don’t get that poor families only do that because they have no other choice (no financial alternative). Maybe the British Swimming people weren't entirely honest with/about him, but a "no strollers by the pool" rule hardly creates a TOXIC environment for families. We only seem to hear about him when he's bitching in public (when the university took away his award, when Sam Smith won the Oscar, now this). Edgar (critical stinker), When We Rise (bomb), and Virginia (box office bomb and critical stinker).But leave infants (who can’t even remember their own name and shit & piss in their sleep) at home.And if there’s a special place for buggies, don’t try to bring your buggy into the stands and ram it into the aisles. But he could have strapped the kid on his chest and had a backpack with all the shit you need to care for and feed the kid for a few hours.

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