Dual optic accommodating lens

The Morcher Bio Comfold 43E is a single-optic/ring haptic lens.

During accommodative effort, the ring haptics are brought together resulting in a forward axial movement of the optic with a resultant increase in the functional power of the lens.

A recent study using pilocarpine 2% to simulate accommodation and partial coherence interferometry to measure the changes in anterior chamber depth (and, thus, forward movement of the IOL) revealed no more than 0.50 diopters (D) of accommodative amplitude in most cases 2003;9-676).

The Morcher Bio Comfold 43E is not approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

One of the consistent findings in accommodative IOL studies is a disconnect between the measured axial movement of the IOLs and the unaided near acuities.

In most studies, axial lens movement is much smaller than would be expected for the functional near vision outcomes.

The Synchrony is currently undergoing FDA clinical trials within the U. The Medennium Smart IOL, Advanced Medical Optics (AMO) Flex Optic, Nu Lens, and Power Vision Fluid Vision IOL are examples of deformable optic IOLs.

Although other studies have demonstrated much higher degrees of accommodative amplitudes, unfavorable results among European ophthalmologists who have utilized this lens will in all likelihood impair its success in the general market. The Lenstec Tetra Flex is a square-edged, acrylic IOL with closed-loop haptics designed to move forward during accommodative effort.

The lens is currently undergoing FDA clinical trials.

The Nu Lens accommodating IOL is designed to change its true power during accommodation and has been shown in an animal model to deliver over 40 D of accommodation.

The Nu Lens incorporates a small chamber of silicone gel and a posterior piston with an aperture in its center that allows the gel to bulge relative to the forces generated by accommodation (Figure 6).

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After being placed in the aqueous at body temperature, the Medennium Smart IOL transforms into a soft gel that completely fills the capsular bag and maintains some elasticity.

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