Dreams dating younger men

[Continue reading]As someone who spent 2.5 years travelling the world single, a secret part of me was interested in finding love on the road.

There are many benefits of long-term travel, but it can get quite lonely when you are single and constantly meeting new p …

While plenty of younger women like the thought of dating older men, few young women want to give up their independence to do so.

But is this really a valid concern, or is it ultimately unfounded?

But if your “older man” is in his early 60s or younger, then you probably don’t have anything to worry about. The majority of older men you’d consider dating grew up after women began to fight for, and win, key battles in the war for equality.Men and women born 20-plus years apart from each other grew up during different eras and learned different rules and expectations regarding what roles men and women play in each other’s lives.Perhaps the greatest dissonance younger women fear when dating older men lies in just how independently women are supposed to live their lives.Older men and younger women have a lot to offer each other when it comes to dating, but they also have a few potential obstacles to find their way around en route to a happy relationship.Even though our culture is fairly accepting of older men dating younger women, both members of the relationship will need to endure their share of name-calling, all while debunking a litany of unfair assumptions tossed at them from strangers and loved ones alike.

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Of course, some couples end up doing it together, and occasionally a woman will even pick out her own ring following a proposal.

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