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That is, climate has a direct relationship with the presence or absence of certain animals.For example, if evidence for Elephas antiques a forest elephant is found, one can assume a temperate climate, while the presence of E.All bones whether of animal or of human lying in the same level exhibit similar fluorine percentage in them.Therefore, if the quantity of fluorine remains same in both kinds of bone, it is sure that they belong to the same age.Fluorine dating relies on the discovery that bone mineral, calcium hydroxyapatite, will absorb fluoride ions if, during burial, it is exposed to groundwater that contains fluoride.

This method was later on applied by the great anthropologist, Kroeber in determining the relative age of some sites in south western United States, Mexico and Peru.

In Northern Ireland it has been possible to show changes in coastal environment since the time of human occupation by studying changes in tidal - zone molluscs found in archaeological sites.

Palynology - Lennart Von Post, a Swedish Scientist, was the first to develop this palaeobotanical method in By this method a microscopic analysis of pollens extracted from trees are used to identify various trees and a pollen diagram is prepared.

Cross Dating - Cross dating involves the comparison of artefacts found in different stratigraphic levels.

The method is based on the fact that the similar artefacts are approximately contemporary. Certain artefacts like coins, pottery, arrowheads etc.

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