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Top it off with having a few people needing to meet at different times.

Add to that one way I manage client confidentiality: putting client names into my hard calendar (which I do not carry about with me) and then transcribing the sessions later to my i Phone calender simply as “client,” to preserve confidentiality in the event that my phone is lost or stolen. I mistakenly transposed a client session time from my hard calendar to an hour later in my phone. A client arrived at my office, waited in the waiting room, perhaps knocked on my door, wondering about my whereabouts, and I wasn’t there. After eleven years of becoming accustomed to some clients not showing up, some clients canceling last minute…this was new.

And, more importantly, despite the fact that (hopefully) mistakes of this nature are atypical how do we position ourselves to be fully available for the range of our client’s feelings, whether they be rage, despair, sadness, or blame over the fact that we have let them down?

Some clients may shrug off a mistake as no big deal, but for others it can be a very big deal.

Maybe we sometimes challenge when we should nurture. Or we may do any number of subtle things, perhaps below the threshold of consciousness, not even fully acknowledged by our clients, but which create distance, disappointment, or detachment.

Some examples of this are the stifling of yawns, spacing out for a moment, or failing to remember an important name or detail and the client feels we are not really fully present or engaged with them.

Many of our clients have long histories that involve being let down by others.I wait for about ten minutes, but I think I knew she wasn’t there from the instant I’d arrived.Still, it slowly dawns on me that she’s not just running late…but she probably isn’t coming to our session at all. I stand and walk into the hallway and hover there, weighing the threshold between her therapy office and the rest of her home.edge where her work life ends and her real life begins. I note the desire to walk further into her home and poke around.We don’t often talk about therapeutic blunders, although they happen all the time.There are so many ways for therapists to fail clients.

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This lack of connection may trigger feelings of disappointment, loss, or abandonment.

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