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or nose, ear, or tongue, body or mind (ehitta), nor yet objects of eeose, i.e. 2, 7) they are described as having, in conjunction with the waters, and with Tvashtr, Begotten Agni. Thii is remarked bj Lucretius, '*De Bentm Natnn," in tiiese Una, V, 79Z V. -i O, 1) said to tran- SOKid heaven and earth, which are equal to only a half of the god;' and they are further represented us submitting to his power (vi IS, 1-J) ; os following him as a chariot wheel a horse (viii. — ^A Tabular List of Original Works and Translations, published by the late Dutch Oovemment of Ceylon at their Printing Press at Colombo. l Hj attrition was drawn to these passages by finding them refened to in Pro- toor Hellar's '* Roman Poets of the Republic," pp. On the ■ame subject a recent French writer remarks : " Cent mythologies sont fondles mr 1« miirisee du ciel et de la terre." — ** Essais de Cntique Kebneuse,'* par Altxf Tt li^ville, p. Xo such thing aa wisdom, and no such I thing U8 attaining (happiness or rest), as there will not bo ' ought that can be attained. 3, Short, weak, and course, worth from 1Ull VFgetsblfl prudacti iprtng, as well u tlie hams of all Wring crea- 95 C05TBIBUn OXS TO A KNOWLEDGE OF i 89, 4; L 90, 7; L 159, 2; L 160, 2;^ L 185, 11; v. 821 :— '' Cluan etiam atgue etiam maiemum nomen adept* Terra tenet merito^ cponiam genus ipsa crea Tit Ilomanum atqne animal prope certo tempore fiidit," ete. 80 there will be no such thing as ignoranco (avidyi), nor yet freedom from ignorance, and therefore there can be none of its consequences (viz., the twelve nid4nas. 2;5) : and therefore no such thing as decay or death (jara or maranji). So □either can thcro be a method (or way) for destroj-ing the concourse of sorrows. Nee terrestria de salsis exisw lacnnis : Linqidtar ut meriic ma Umum nomen adept* Terra ntf e terra quoniam twmt cmncta areata^** etc Aad again, V.

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l Y.— On the Agricultural, Commercial, Pinancial, and Military Statistics of Ceylon.

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