Dating white rotary sewing machines

Whether you’re using an industrial embroidery machine for your business or a simple in-home sewing machine in your craft room, using oil for regular maintenance is essential.

There are so many mechanical parts inside every sewing machine.

It’s even covered by an anytime money-back guarantee.

Users don’t have many complaints about this oil but the small two-ounce bottle won’t last as long as some of the larger options we covered in our reviews.

That said, it’s made by a trusted company that’s been in the business since the 1940s so it’s a safe bet they know quality.

Liquid Bearings Sewing Machine Oil is a synthetic option that keeps your machine moving quickly plus it helps protect against rust and corrosion.

Lily White oil is a highly refined, narrow cut, and non-detergent mineral oil.

It’s compatible with most Juki models and can be used with many other brands, too.It’s easy to apply and lubricates without any stickiness.One downside is that this oil is a little pricey compared to some of the other products on our list.This two-ounce bottle is the perfect size for your home machine.The application is super easy, too, because it includes ½-inch, 1 ½-inch , and 3-inch twist-on pharmaceutical-grade stainless needles so you can get the oil exactly where you need it.

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