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A bored wife, who is planning to run away from her minister husband, is taken hostage in a bank robbery.

However, she sees the thrill in being involved in the chase and becomes an ...

During one flashback, she reads a draft of a story and tells Edward that he needs to not write about himself. Think about where he was and who he was at the time: a struggling writer in NYC. At this point, two or so decades later, Edward has managed to write about himself in a way that would, to anyone who didn’t know him, seem completely fictional. actually juxtaposes the difference between revenge in fiction and revenge in reality.In the end, Nocturnal Animals barely feels like a film made by a human being. Most of the narrative deals with the machinations of revenge, usually ending with the main character winning and moving on, or winning then dying, or winning and reuniting with whoever was kidnapped.You could just dub it a “stylish exercise” and call it a day. We hear a hostess say, “This way, sir,” and Susan smiles, thinking it’s Edward, but the person goes to another table. In reality, most of us won’t, can’t, and don’t seek physical payback. There are two meanings to take away from this ending.Where all we see with Susan is her at work, at a boring party, sitting at home, her at work again, a lot of baths, and then alone at a restaurant.

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This movie marks the fourth collaboration between Susan Sarandon and Margo Martindale.

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