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With the information provided by Lise and others it seems there maybe something there that the authorities don't want people to find.I hope this thread stays alive because this is one of the more interesting series of events that has been discussed here.

so the radiotower is sure much more interessting point then the nature formed spinx. secret cia prisons in romania and there are some agreements with the us that they can do on romanian soil wathever they want .

In this area and in the vicinity are the impressive remains of the complex , including shrines made ​​of andesite ( rock that today we can just cut diamond ), constructions older than that of Sarmisegetusa , this is the center of a mega- city of pre- Dacian era.

This underground city lies not only in Sarmizegetusa but also in Simeria , Tărtăria (where he discovered the oldest writing in the world), Deva .

A Number of art objects discovered in this site is greater than all other works of art found in paleolithic settlements in Romania. Also stratigraphic situation at "Poaian Ciresului" is an exception for Paleolithic discoveries of Romania, cultural levels being sealed in sterile layers thick, making art pieces distribution per level to be in impeccable state. Andrei Stavila) and students (flowers Marius, Căpăţână Alina Mirica Alexander, riveting Alberto Florin Lupu, Şerbănescu Sebastian) of the University of Targoviste Wallachia.

Archaeological material represented by lithic pieces and fauna is extremely rich archaeological on each level. The discovery consists of a beautiful stone pendant, beautiful and complex geometric patterns etched recovered from a layer belonging to the Gravettian culture, dated to 20,000 years (radiometric dating method C-14).

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|Romania Neolithic period | An exhibition in New York giving credit to the region and its archeological importance.

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