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The research was used to examine the trends in living arrangements and conjugal unions of seniors, who are defined as individuals 65 years of age or older, and future seniors, who are defined as individuals 55 to 64 years of age.

According to census data, there were 4.6 million seniors in private households in 2011. Between 19, the proportion of those who were divorced or separated increased from 4% to 12% among seniors 65 years of age and older.

Online dating use among American seniors, aged 55 to 64 years old, has risen substantially, according to Pew Research Center.

Many of these transitions are caused by the death of one partner, but a growing number result from divorce and separation.Comparatively, household incomes only reached ,000 for Gen-Xers when they were the same age in 1999.The agency attributes millennials’ higher incomes to their pursuit of post-secondary studies, describing them as “the most educated generation.” As for their median net worth, or total household assets minus total debts, millennials reached ,600 while the median net worth for Gen-Xers was ,800.With seniors gaining momentum in the digital world, their use of computers or smartphones is also transforming how they approach dating.According to AARP’s vice president of digital strategies and operations, Nataki Edwards, “The goal of AARP’s dating site is to keep members from feeling isolated and encourage them to get out and into a social setting.

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Millennials have higher incomes and median wealth than the generation before them, but they have also acquired more mortgage debt, according to new data from Statistics Canada.

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