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As an elementary-aged student, I had no concept that most Americans believed that Indians were savages.

I did not understand why my grandmother made all forty-two of her grandchildren promise never to tell even our closest friends that we were Indian.

The shooting is well-documented, but no charges were ever filed.

This crime inspired my first adult novel, , which I wrote to honor my now deceased friend. Following the encouragement of our parents and aunts and uncles, my generation of Tingle cousins decided to pull back the masks and step into the light.

I’m grateful not to be the only woman of my Nation writing for children (shout out to author-poet-musician Joy Harjo).

Only this fall, I found myself vaguely baffled by the “magical” dreamcatcher on , a show which has yet to feature a single Native actor/character.I was always told my grandparents left Oklahoma because of better jobs on the Gulf Coast.That might be the reason, but I suspect another factor led to the move as well.Only my closest friend, Charles Savell, knew I was Choctaw.His mother was Chickasaw and his mother and mine were best friends, so we shared a well-kept secret.

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