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~ These seven awardees were selected based on quantitative scoring of their applications by a review committee, and a qualitative discussion at a review committee meeting.Committee members include Mozilla staff, current and alumni Mozilla Fellows, and outside experts.

Humans will visit a website and describe an image in their own words, without prompts.

These projects will launch to the public by June 2019.

Mozilla’s Creative Media Awards are part of our mission to support a healthy internet.

They fuel the people and projects on the front lines of the internet health movement — from digital artists in the Netherlands to computer scientists in the United Arab Emirates to science fiction writers in the U. The winners: [1] Stealing Ur Feelings | by Noah Levenson in the U. | ,000 prize Stealing Ur Feelings will be an interactive film that reveals how social networks and apps use your face to secretly collect data about your emotions.

The documentary will explore how emotion recognition AI determines if you’re happy or sad — and how companies use that information to influence your behavior.

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Whether or not screens in the future will, in fact, be blue, is beside the point.

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